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CBD or Hemp Oil for Dogs: The Ultimate Pet Parent’s Guide.

CBD oil

CBD products have gained much fame in the last few years. The medicinal benefits of the “notorious” Hemp plant amaze humans every time. If you don’t know what this hype is about- CBD oil, also known as hemp oil, is derived from hemp plants for medicinal purposes. Also, it is widely accepted as a miracle medicine for a variety of ailments.

To your surprise, these CBD products are available for your animals, too. Yes, you heard it right. And, it is also available in India. So, here are the most important things you need to know before buying Cbd oil for dogs.

Is CBD Safe for my Dog?

The answer to the question is: Yes. It’s as safe for dogs as it is for humans. Humans and dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system – A messenger/receptor system in our body that controls mood, sleep, appetite, and memory.

Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids. Now, you know why it’s called an endocannabinoid system. An imbalance in cannabinoid levels can happen because of external or internal reasons. Taking cannabis oil extracted from the plants can leverage this chemical imbalance.

Will it make your fur buddy “high”?

NO, it won’t. THC, another cannabinoid, has the psychoactive or the “high” factor. And, it is not recommended for animals. CBC oils with no trace of THC are entirely safe for your fur baby.

The benefits of using Cannabis oil for dogs.

Adding CBD oils to your dog’s diet can reinforce his endocannabinoid system naturally. CBD can improve your pet’s mood and health in general. It can be used to treat seizures, epilepsy, pain, anxiety, fear, allergies, and arthritis.

  • Seizures

Possibly, your dog had an accident or is experiencing seizures pain from time to time. Research shows CBD to be beneficial in controlling the frequency and the strength of seizures.

  • Pain and Inflammation

CBD is an effective anti-inflammation oil and painkiller. It is possible for your pet to experience pain due to many reasons, such as surgery, fractures, or old age. Cannabis can help reduce pain and inflammation in such cases.

  • Fear and Anxiety.

Just like humans, dogs also experience anxiety. The reasons may include the loss of loved ones, separation, thunderstorms, and firecrackers. Pets usually act crazy and very anxious when such things happen. CBD helps in calming them in these phases.

  • Allergies

Endocannabinoid system receptors are present in the skin as well. If your dog has some skin allergies, CBD can fix it. Eventually, it would lead to your pet’s good skin and fur quality.

  • Arthritis

Just as humans suffer from joint pain and arthritis in old age, so do dogs. The use of CBD can cut the pain of the joint up to some extent.

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

CBD Oil is sold legally in India. But, some vets may be hesitant to recommend them. In contrast, some have a good word for CBDs and highly recommend it. Yet, please consult your vet before starting the CBD regime for your pet.

How to choose the best CBD oil for your dog? And where to buy it?

You can buy it online. Online browsing facilitates extra information about the product. Some factors to consider while making a CBD oil purchase are:

  • Hunt for the reviews

Hunt for the good and bad reviews. Nobody would be more direct and honest about their pets’ health than their masters. Churn the reviews and find the ones with the least bad rating. After all, it’s for your sweetie, and no compromise in that.

  • Quality over Price.

Please don’t go for cheap CBD oils for a few extra pennies. Cheap oils may contain harmful pesticides, insecticides, and heavy metals. See to it the plants are grown organically as it tells a lot about the quality of the leaves.

  • See for Lab Tests and Certificates.

Look out for lab tests of the product. If the product website doesn’t have it, ask for it.

  • Scan the Ingredients List.

Good companies are transparent with their ingredient list and other matters. If even one ingredient from the list makes you question its existence in the product. Cut off the idea of buying such a product. The safest oil should contain nothing other than CBD and carrier oil.

How to use Cannabis Oil for your Dog?

A variety of Cannabis products are available in online and offline markets. Among the most popular are CBD oils. Due to its liquid form, it is possible to adjust the dosage.

You can put it directly into the dog’s mouth with the help of the dropper. Every dog is different, so it may or may not like the taste of CBD oil. So, the option for this could be – mixing the oil in their drinking water or sprinkling it on your pet’s favourite treat.

Try to give your pet a small dose first or as per the dose recommended by the CBD oil manufacturer company. Nevermore than the recommended dose! The manufacturer decides the dose recommendation as per the breed of your dog and its age. Observe your pet for a few hours. See how it behaves after CBD dose.

If your dog is cheerful again as before, is wiggling its tail, and is playing with you. Then the cannabis oil is working for your dog. If there is no change, even after a few hours, try increasing the dose next time. But again, not more than the recommended dose.

What are the Side Effects of Hemp oil?

There can be pros and cons to anything in the world. But, the cons of Cannabis are very minimal and negligible. And can occur only because of an overdose. So keep in check for these few signs in your pets.

  • Dry mouth.

An overdose of CBD can infect the production of saliva. It can lead to a dry mouth problem. Making the dog drink water can solve this problem.

  • Drowsiness

If your dog seems sleepy or drowsy after the CBD dosage, the possible reason could be an overdose.

  • A temporary drop in blood pressure

An overdose may result in a temporary drop in blood pressure. As the work of cannabinoids is to soothe the nerves and pains, a decrease in blood pressure may occur.

These are a few noticeable and minimal side effects with over usage of CBD. If you observe any severe symptoms, please visit your vet immediately.

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